How we help authors

  1. Tin Eye Integration: Any image that receives more than 10,000 views will automatically go through the Tin Eye source-finding API so that we can do our best to attributed the original creators of the image.
  2. Strong Author Attribution: If you can prove you are the author and your image receives more than 1,000 views, we will both link to your page with the new Google rel=author tag AND put a canonical tag on the page to point to your page so any link value gets passed onto your site. We will also work with content creators to handle any other requests they might have. We know this is difficult, but we are passionate about it.

How we help users

  1. Content Before Ads: We have specifically coded the site so that no ads load until after the image has finished loading.
  2. No Crazy Features: We want to be the best image hosting site, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. No Image Size Limits: Yes, this might suck for us, but we are going to do our best to honor this
  4. Clean Design Option: Just add ?mode=blank to any of our images and it will strip everything away except for the image.

How we stay honest

  1. Community Powered Hosting: Our biggest source of funding for hosting this site comes directly from users like you. It is $10/mo to host a node on our system and node owners get a percentage of all advertising revenue generated by the site. Subsequently, we can't go adding crazy advertising sources.
  2. Open Numbers: We actually publish the expected monthly revenue for node sponsors so they can make a conscious decision about whether they would like to support the community image hosting platform.

How we help the communities that feed us

  1. Referrer Payments: Sites that refer us a significant amount of traffic (let's say at least 5% of traffic) will get 10% of the revenue they send back. Yes, we will be writing a check to Reddit monthly.
  2. Node Supporter Contributions: Node supporters can actually choose to donate their revenues to charity.