7 Most Common Online Casino Games and Tournaments

Companies involved in online gambling promised to replicate the offline experience, and thus, common online casino games will be like that of traditional casino clubs. For games, users would frequently find slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and sic bo. There could also be poker, keno, bingo, and craps. On the other hand, online tournaments are most likely of slots and video poker. Different tournaments like roulette, poker, and blackjack also exist.

Basic Rules of the Common Online Casino Games

This section discusses the basic guidelines of how to play common online casino games and tournaments.

Casino games:

  • Slots – players try to win by spinning wheels composed of figures. Different games have a different number of wheels and figures. Customers will then press the spin button, and the wheels will roll and eventually land on a group of figures. Before spinning, however, players will place a bet staking that they will end with a winning combination.  Clients win if three or more figures line up in a pay line. The prize will depend on the worth of the symbol and the amount of the wager. Some symbols will give a 50% return, while others can provide a hundred times worth. Before playing, a client should read the pay table to have an overview of the symbols and their corresponding value. The slot is a very common online casino game.
  • Baccarat – this is a card game where a client will bet who will win in every set – the player or the banker. He can also bet that a tie will occur. Baccarat is an easy game for casino players because they are only asked to place a bet. The dealer is the one who performs all the other work.  The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards each on the player and the banker. The winner is decided by who (player or banker) has a total value of cards nearest to nine.  After one round, the final sums of the card values will be determined, and the client will be rewarded based on the bet he made.
  • Blackjack – is a game where a user wins if the value of his cards is 21 or is closer to 21 compared to the dealer. If his total exceeds 21, he automatically loses. As with other games, the user first selects an amount to bet. In a game, the dealer will give him two cards initially, and the total value of these cards will determine if he will ask additional cards. After a round, his total will be compared to that of the dealer. If his value is 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer’s, the user wins.
  • Roulette – is a game where clients will bet on what number the ball will land. They have a lot of options of what to bet, like the ball will land on a one-digit or double-digit number, red or black, even or odd, or within a range of numbers.  Before betting, however, customers should familiarize themselves with the payout system. They can also divide their bet on two up to six numbers. Once they have made their bets, they will then press the spin button. The rewards or losses that they will incur will depend on what number the ball will land and if they guessed it right or not. We advise users that this has the greatest house edge of all games.
  • Sic Bo – is another game where clients will predict the outcome of a three dice toss. They have many options like they can bet on the total value of the three dices, that any two numbers will appear together, that a single number will appear, that the toss will end up with a specific combination of numbers, and others. Before betting, customers should become familiar with the payout system. 

Aside from games, online casinos also provide several tournaments. Among the most common online casino tournaments are:

  • Slots tournament – is an event in the casino where customers can win a part of the total prize by gathering points within a period. They can get points by winning or betting on slots. In the end, the competitors will be ranked, and those with the highest points will share the prize.
  • Video poker tournament – unlike slots, video poker is a game based on skill. However, similar to a slot tournament, in video poker, players will try to accumulate points by playing within a time limit or a specific number of hands. The more points they gather, the higher their rank on the leaderboard, and the better their chances of winning. The prize will be divided among the top players. Some competitions have a guaranteed total prize, while others have a variable overall prize (depending on the number of participants).

Final Preparations Before Starting Your Online Gambling Experience

Isn't it great? You already know how to select the best online casino for you. Further, you also gained knowledge of the popular games and tournaments available. You know how to play responsibly. Right now, we believe you are surer with your decision to try online gambling.

What’s next? Collect the resources that you need to be an actual player! Determine your budget and stick to it, decide on your deposit and withdrawal methods, arrange a reasonable schedule (avoid excessive and harmful playing), and then build your strategies and skills. If you can, practice playing the games. After these, you’re all set.

You can now register and start. Make your first deposit or try free games. Good luck! We hope you found this list valuable and was able to educate you on the tournaments and common online casino games.

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