Ace ventura

Ace Ventura revolves around a story of a missing pet called Ace, who wears a detective badge and has a strange power over animals. If someone finds that their lost pet is wearing a detective badge, they must find out who committed the crime. To do so, they must get the help of three other wild symbols called the Wild symbols, which are used to enter the game. If a player wins the game, they earn the jackpot prize, which is six thousand dollars.

To play the game, the player must put letters or numbers on their search bar in order to find the right words. The words are listed in groups of five, which consist of a group of letters or numbers, a group of wild symbols, and one blank space. To make a search, the player will click on the “Search” button on the toolbar, and then they can type in any word or group of words that they want to look for. To put a word into an area, type the number or letter first followed by the space. After doing this, a list of all matching words will be generated and a window with all matching words will appear.