Dragons mystery


The setting of the game of Dragons Mystery is a rugged and mountainous hillside location where a giant dragon has risen victorious from beneath the earth in battle with a human army. On the reels the background for the game consists of a quartet of brightly colored, large dragon figures accompanied by four lower case letters of the alphabet. This is followed by a short musical score. Players take turns placing their bets whereby the winning theme will be enacted. Placing the correct bet is one of the more complicated aspects of the game, as it can often hinge upon luck and what was previously known before the start of the game.

This is also where strategy comes into play. Placing the correct bet may not always guarantee that you win, but it’s important to know that there are many other ways to go about winning. A careful combination of strategy and luck is the only way to expand wilds in this casino game. One of the best features of the game that sets it apart from many others is the fact that the reels do not stop and start whenever the music stops playing. This allows players to have a constant stream of action while waiting for their turn on the slots.

This feature can prove to be quite useful for the novice player who is trying to get the feel of the game. Players can learn how to win while waiting for their turn on the slots without having to worry about the music stopping or becoming bored with the number of spins. The game of Dragons mystery is also available on the PC, meaning that avid fans of the cartoon can also participate. Although the controls for the game are easy to master, it does take some practice to figure out how to win without the help of the reels. The increasing Wild West expansion pack offers even more of an opportunity to expand the game and win without the use of the same symbols as the match begins.