The rift


If you love playing casino games of any kind, The Rift is surely the game for you. Available on both personal computers and smart phones, The Rift casino game lets you enjoy that all amazing Thunderkick experience regardless of where and when you wish to play. With different bonuses such as free spins and respites rounds with irresistible virtual wilds for you to collect, this virtual casino game will surely give you the opportunity to accumulate some really enticing prize. In order to fully enjoy the Rift, you must first know the rules and the strategies used in the game. This will help you determine how to land a huge The Rift jackpot.

The most important factor of winning in the Rift casino slot machine game is selecting the correct number of coins to bet. There are two options in the game for you to select the number of coins to bet. One of them is the Normal Jackpot which allows you to enter a lower than normal amount to bet and win the jackpot the soonest possible time. The other option is the Biggest Jackpot that gives you the highest chance of winning huge amounts of money.

Aside from the usual jackpot that comes with The Rift, this casino game also offers special slot games that have special symbols associated with them. Each of these symbols represents one of the five reels of the game. The icons of these symbols are as follows:

There are certain icons that signify certain icons when they are played. For instance, if the icon for Free Spins is played, a free spin symbol appears on the screen. This indicates that you have just started betting and the game has not yet ended. The icons of this type change every time you place a bet so you need to be keen to know the meaning of each of them. Most of the time, these symbols are used in the progressive slot games in this game.

The symbol for Guaranteed Winning has been shown while playing in The Rift. This indicates that you have just won a random amount and there are no chances of winning more money from this bet. You can bet the amount of money that you bet in the progressive slot games of The Rift and earn big money after every spin. The symbols for Draw are placed at the side of the reels so you need to turn the handle in the proper direction to view it. Most players will notice that these symbols give off different meanings and they should be interpreted accordingly.

When you play in The Rift, you do not only bet on the usual spins of the reels but you also get to choose from different wild symbols that can greatly affect the result of the game. The wild symbols are the ones that come from the jackpot prize in the casino game. These symbols can increase the amount of money that you can win and decrease the amount that you have to pay when the game ends. In the ordinary slot machines where the wild symbols are randomly placed, players have the normal chance of hitting on these symbols and earning the amount indicated for the jackpot prize in the casino game. However, in The Rift, you can encounter more of these symbols making the game more challenging.